Monks at the Wat Lao

P.K Pra Achan Onesy


Pra Achan Ouan



  1. To contribute and support the Buddhist religion.
  2. To teach sermons by Buddha.
  3. To maintain the rites of the Lao-Buddhist religion for many generations to come.

We, the Buddhist monks of the Wat Lao, as we are studying and preaching sermons to carry out the messages to the Buddhist followers, there are three specific principles we concentrate are teachings on:

1. To teach people to understand good moral behavior.

2. To teach people to do things morally,

3. To teach people how to lead their lives with a good moral compass. 

The Buddhist religion is the moral compass for the Laotian people. The Buddhist religion is the national religion for Laos. Laotians as other Buddhist follows believes in three major fundamentals, which are also referred to as the Triple Gem of Buddhism.

1. Buddha, The ideal of or highest spiritual potential that exists within all beings,

2. Sermons of Buddha (Dharma), the teachings to the path of enlightment,

3. Buddhist Monks (Sangha), the community of Buddhist monks and nuns. 



Board Members


Mr. Oulam Inthalangsy

Vice President

Mr. Thong Khammy
Mrs. Thouliane Khamvongsy
Mr. Chamniane Sisouvanh
Mr. Nouane Silalom
Mr. Sack Manivanh
Mr. Thongmouane Vilavong
Mr. Bounxay Sithiphong
Mr. Vanxay Mila
Mr. Siphay Sithaiphong
Mr. Souvanh Thilavong
Mr. Air Phouthavong
Mr. Velaysak Khanthavongsa


Mr. Nouane Sylalom
Mr. Souvanh Thilavong
Mr. Vanhxay Mila
Mrs. Phokham Inthalangsy


Mr. Chamniane Sisouvanh
Mr. Thong Khammy
Mrs. Laddavanh Malavong
Mrs. Bounmy Vansylalom
Mrs. Sone Nouchanthavong

Public Relations

Mrs. Thouliane Khamvongsa
Mrs. Neuang Sisamouth
Mrs. Phaengphanh Fongdara


Mr. Khek Volasith
Mr. Toui
Mr. Toth Lovan
Mr. Ngiane Khanhavong